Just got a call from the 90’s, and they want their folds and pleats back.

Pleats are a no-brainer. Those should just go away. The days of looking like a penguin with large hips have passed, and I’m confident we can move boldly into the future without these rent-a-suit relics. When it comes to the fold, however, there is still an ongoing debate about whether this needs to be considered when designing for the web. So, figured we’d drop our .02 in to the bucket.

Simply, there is no fold. The web is an interactive medium, and scrolling is ubiquitous among all users. Add to that an innumerable number of devices with different viewport sizes and the “fold” is rendered completely non-existent. Of course a good hierarchy and content strategy should still be utilized, but forget the fold people. Keep the fold where it belongs: newspapers and laundry tasks.

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