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Star Wars AT-AT Tee Going to Print!

September 1, 2015

Yesterday, our AT-AT tee got approved for pre-sales on Cotton Bureau. And within one day 12 sold, and they’re going to print! Now that they’re going to print, we must get millions of these out into the world! Go to Cotton Bureau, get yourself a rad tee, and wear it with pride!

Get Your AT-AT T-Shirt

The Weekender: Rappers, Bloomberg, & New Fonts!

August 27, 2015

You did it. You made it to Friday, and maybe even the elusive inbox zero? Yeah, me neither.

Kick back and enjoy the latest installment of The Weekender.

Here’s a soundboard of rappers

When client calls get too boring, spice it up with some sound clips.

Bloomberg News has an insane 404 page

Pack it up everyone, Bloomberg takes the cake with this insane 404 page.

Debut fonts from Oh No Type Co. are beautiful

Featuring a new take on the forever-dated Hobo and a fancy script.

The Everything Machine

An app that allows to chain tasks together on your iPhone. Nifty little concept if you ask me.

The Weekender: New Zealand, Cats, & Shelves

August 13, 2015

Another week in the bag! Great work everyone!

New Zealand is crowdsourcing their new flag; the internet responds with terrible options

My vote is for the kiwi/laser option.

Now you can get your cat it’s own laptop

Your idiot cat won’t know the difference. Now you can Facebook in peace.

Interesting website that explains why time flies

Ponder your own mortality in this scroll heavy website.

Modular Pegboard Shelving

Super cool shelving.


The Weekender: Star Wars, Coke, & Slack

July 9, 2015

Another week in the bag! Sit back and enjoy the latest installment of The Weekender.

A New Star Wars App Has Been Released

Prank call your friends, watch trailers, take selfies, all with help from the Star Wars universe.

Coke Ditches the Logo on it’s New Cans

You have to respect the boldness that only a brand like coke could pull off.

We Just Started Using Slack and it’s Incredible

We’re totally late to this party but it’s a great application, check it out!

A Clapping App to Learn Steve Reich’s Clapping Music

Interesting use of technology to learn some pretty cool musical history.

Some Designers Made Custom Towels

Towels don’t have to be awful beach scenes, some designers took a stab at designing some new towels.

The Weekender: 4th of July Edition

July 3, 2015


Well folks, you’ve made it through another week and now we have two reasons to celebrate: It’s Friday, and America. So throw an extra pound of meat on the grill, crack open your domestic beer of choice and enjoy the latest edition of The Weekender.

Look at This T-Bone Pillow

Do you love meat? Do you also love pillows? Now you can have both.

How a Driverless Car Sees the Road

What’s more American than cars? Get your mind blown by the science behind driverless cars.

Tennessee Volunteers Get a New Logo

Nike snags another collegiate team and gives it a nice update.

Facebook gets a luekwarm logo update

I don’t care, does anyone care? It’s Facebook.

This Lamp is Beautiful in it’s Simplicity.

It’s clean and simple. We love it.