So, we’ve decided to take our blog in a new direction. Of course, we enjoy rambling on about nerdy design stuff like proper UI/UX practices and stuff like that. But, we want to focus more on you. We want bring you easily digestible tidbits of cool sh*t out in the world; we want you to be able to jump in, look at a cool thing or two, and leave…without wasting half your day. And with that, here are some cool things:

Organic Valley’s “Save the Bros” Campaign.

“I had never heard about Organic Valley. Now, I love Organic Valley” —Andrea. Yes, we delightfully agree. What’s that old adage about taking big risks equals big rewards? Nailed it. I would have liked to been a part of that ad agency’s presentation to the execs!

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Sir Draplin on Creating a Logo

Draplin is a hero in the design community—an arbiter for all things good in the design world. Plus, he’s funny as hell, and a great speaker and educator. Here, he walks us through his steps for creating a logo. It’s great insight into the artistic and professional process for logo design. It’s a somewhat lengthy video, but it’s great. Just watch it.

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