First, wanted to welcome several new clients to the Morgan Branding family!

  • Stakeholder Ventures is a new Venture Capital firm in Boulder.  They are a VC firm focused on the Energy and Agtech sectors. Everyone on their team is incredibly sharp, focused and positive,  and we’re extremely enthused and grateful to be a part of their inevitable success.
  • Hidden Woods Media is a new videography company in Denver that specializes in documentary-style films for businesses. David and Brandon are incredibly talented and driven, and we’re excited to see them kill it.
  • Senderoz is an online e-commerce company that supplies pre-packaged meal plans for outdoor adventurers. Super happy to be involved in developing everything from their identity and web presence to their packaging.

Also, we just got back from an amazing trip to visit our friends at Books-A-Million in Birmingham. What an incredible group of smart, driven, well-intentioned, and positive people…all united with common motivations and goals. We came back home incredibly inspired by the path their taking the company, and excited to be a part of their team.


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