Aaron, considering creating a new website, asks: “I’m thinking about creating a website for my company. Can you tell me what the process of designing a website is, and what I should expect?”

That’s a great question, Aaron. And you’re not alone in wondering how it all goes down. So, here’s a quick list of steps and what to expect during each phase.

  1. Meet. First we’ll meet and talk through your ideas, goals, thoughts, etc. We’ll guide you through best practices for web, taking into consideration your desires, and end-user experience.
  2. Research. After we’ve had a chance to chat, we’ll go out and do some research on your industry, as well as start grabbing ideas for aesthetics (although visuals won’t be presented for some time, this is a chance for us to start getting excited).
  3. Wireframing. This is a fancy word for sketching. Here we sketch and present overall site structure. We’ve considered all of the necessary site content, your goals, and again user experience.
  4. Concepting. Once we’ve all decided on a solid structure, we’ll deliver visual concepts. This is where we’ll refine colors, textures, and other visual aids.
  5. Delivery. After everyone has signed off on the completed designs, the site goes off to development. We work closely with our developers, ensuring a seemless execution of visuals into an actual website. Once complete we deliver the files.
  6. Launch. Finally, we help you launch your site into the real world, ensuring there aren’t any bugs or egregious errors. As well, we help you understand the functionality of your site, and guide you through any upkeep you’ll need to do on your own, if needed and/or desired.

Throughout the process, we make sure you’re fully informed about where we are in the process, and what to expect moving forward. And, we’re very careful to keep a critical eye on things, making sure no balls have been dropped and that we’re meeting all necessary goals.