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Here’s a Cool Thing

Bulletproof Buttons in Emails

June 6, 2016

We design a lot of emails over here at MB (A. LOT. OF. EMAILS.).  One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is buttons that work across all* email clients. Of course, there are plenty of other headaches to deal with (nested tables, inline styling, Outlook), but making bulletproof buttons is a good thing to have in your arsenal. Below is a link to a great article from Litmus that talks about a few possible approaches. We use “VML-Based” approach, as it seems the most stable and consistent. Go get ’em.

Bulletproof Buttons in Email

Most Used Email Clients

Related, check out this recent breakdown of the most used email clients. Maybe it’s about time we ignore all the complications with Outlook!

Ron Swanson: Bacon & Eggs

November 24, 2015

Last week, we spent a little time learning some new kinetic type skills via Jake Bartlett @ skillshare.com. And, what better than Mr. Ron Swanson to help us out. Enjoy!

Here’s a Cool Thing: $7M Watch and Nano Drones

February 24, 2015

New Pebble Watch

Like watches? Check out this new smart watch from Pebble on Kickstarter. At the time of writing this article, they’re already at $6.7M within the first day of launching their project. Clearly people are really into little wrist-computers. We’re not sold on the design, nor the fact that they’re not iOS compatible. But, clearly we’re in the minority. Sheesh.

New Pebble Watch on Kickstarter


$59 Nano Drone

This may be the beginning of the end. But, who doesn’t want a palm-sized nano-drone? They’re totally useless. But, we might order a few and have office nano-drone races and stuff.

Check Out the Nano Drone

Here’s a Cool Thing.

February 19, 2015

So, we’ve decided to take our blog in a new direction. Of course, we enjoy rambling on about nerdy design stuff like proper UI/UX practices and stuff like that. But, we want to focus more on you. We want bring you easily digestible tidbits of cool sh*t out in the world; we want you to be able to jump in, look at a cool thing or two, and leave…without wasting half your day. And with that, here are some cool things:

Organic Valley’s “Save the Bros” Campaign.

“I had never heard about Organic Valley. Now, I love Organic Valley” —Andrea. Yes, we delightfully agree. What’s that old adage about taking big risks equals big rewards? Nailed it. I would have liked to been a part of that ad agency’s presentation to the execs!

View the Video

Sir Draplin on Creating a Logo

Draplin is a hero in the design community—an arbiter for all things good in the design world. Plus, he’s funny as hell, and a great speaker and educator. Here, he walks us through his steps for creating a logo. It’s great insight into the artistic and professional process for logo design. It’s a somewhat lengthy video, but it’s great. Just watch it.

View the Video