Last week I went and saw Shel Perkins at an AIGA event. He’s a seasoned graphic designer and consultant to design agencies, small and large. Super savvy guy in regards to the legality of our industry. He’s written a library of articles on the AIGA site that are worth a quick a read if you’re interested in not getting nailed to the wall!

Anyway, we updated our contracts last week, and thought y’all could use them for your own purposes. We’ve stripped out our branding from the header and footer so you could easily apply your own. There are a few places where you’ll need to update language/fees, etc. But, overall, pretty clean copy for you to pick up. Even if it’s small-beans work, it’s wise to get something signed so you’re not responsible for things out of your control. *Note: you assume all legal risk for using our contract for your own purposes. We strongly encourage you to read through all of it, and understand it.


Download the Contract (Zip File with InDesign & PDF)